Black Joak

There are so many variations of this tune that I don’t think I even ran out doing four different A parts and B parts. Of course they’re all Morris dances from different villages, so the differences are perhaps explained as the result of whatever buttons the inebriated concertina player happened to press on the day that Cecil Sharp came to town.

The tune originally comes from a song, though it’s not a particularly pleasant song.

Upton-on-Severn Stick Dance

I bring up the Upton-on-Severn stick dance for two reasons:

  • It wasn’t for the Upton-on-Severn stick dance. The collected version of that dance says it was done to “a hornpipe”, but not which.
  • It wasn’t from Upton-on-Severn. It’s an Appalachian tune.

A man with a beard and tankard needs to say something about “it’s a living tradition” to get us out of this hole, now.

Moon and Seven Stars

Another tune that I know I’ve known for years, but don’t know where I got it from. It probably rattled around sessions long enough to sink in. I normally play it on a fiddle, so it’s interesting for me to listen to this flute recording because I didn’t consciously choose where to put breaths in and want to hear where they ended up.